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This page contains our latest stock and was last up dated on the 24th May 2017

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The Row in the Season, July 1st 1879, Corbold, very scarce double page, £150.00 Row in the Season horse riding Vanity Fair print
At Rennes, Nov. 23rd 1899, by Guth, double page, scarce, £150.00 At Rennes Vanity Fair

Mixed Political Wares, 3rd Dec 1892, by Spy, triple print, very scarce, £125.00

Mixed Political Wares
World Journal Supplement Print of Arthur Coventry , March 15th 1910, by SPY, £70.00 Athur Coventry - Starter
Winston Churchill, 'Right Honourable Winston L. S. Churchill MP, 'Winnie' , dated 8th March 1911, drawn by Nibs. £95.00 Winston Churchill by Nibbs
Winston Churchill, 'Mr. Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, ' Winston', dated 27th September 1900, by Spy. £595.00 Winston Churchill by Spy
Winston Churchill, 'Mr. Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, ' Winston', dated 27th September 1900, by Spy. £250.00 Churchill by Spy
Rugby, 'Titch', Trinity Hall print, Cambridge University Rugby Club, 1890 by DAB, extemely scarce, £100.00 Titch Trinity Hall antique Rugby print for sale
R. C. Bourne, 'a good stroke', The Oxford Stroke, Ape Jnr, 1911, £75.00 R C Bourne Oxford Stroke
Mr. Etherington-Smith, Captain Leander Eight, 'Ethel', Spy, 1908, scarce, £95.00 Etherington-Smith Vanity Fair print for sale
Charles Burgess Fry, 'Oxford Athletics', 1894, £195.00 C B Fry Cricketer
Mr. Jack Berry Hobbs, 'A Tested Centurion', by WH, 7th August 1912, £495.00 Jack Hobbs Cricket print for sale
Viscount Cobham, Cricket, Railways and Agriculture, Spy, May 5th 1904 Viscount Cobham cricket vanity fair print for sale
Frederick E. Smith M.P., 'No Surrender', Aug 9th 1911 by Nibs, £95.00 F E Smith Vanity Fair print for sale
Music, Original Vanity Fair print, " Patience ", William Schenk Gilbert by Spy, Gilbert and Sullivan, dated 1881, 330 x 200mm, £495.00 William Schenk Gilbert
D. Mackinnon, President O.U.B.C., supplement to The World magazine, by Spy 1910, scarce, £120.00 Mackinnon OUBC
The Earl of Minto, June 29th 1905 he Caption Reads " Roley " , £45.00
General John Denton Pinkstone French - The Cavalry Division, by G.D.G. 12th July 1900, £35.00 General J. Denton Pinkstone
Mr. J. Keir Hardie Feb 8th 1906 The Caption Reads " Queer Hardie ", SPY, £185.00 Kier Hardie
Professor Ray Lankester. Spy. January 12, 1905. "His religion is the worship of all sorts of winged and finny freaks." £50.00 professor lankester
Walter Winans, The Record Revolver Shot, Aug 17th 1893, WA, £30.00 Winans Revolver shooting
Richard D'Oyly Carte, 'Royal English Opera', 1891, Spy, very scarce. £475.00 Richard D'Oyly Carte Vanity Fair Print by Spy
Robert Falcon Scott, The South Pole, Vanity Fair 1913 by Hester, £145.00 Robert Falcon Scott - South Pole
H.M. Edward VII, 12th May 1910, The Pacification of Europe (His Late Majesty King Edward VII), by XIT, £75.00 scarce Edward VII
The Rt. Hon. Edward Henry Carson Kt. (Irish Politics), "I never ask anyone to do anything which I will not do myself", Vanity Fair by WH, 17th Jan 1912, £125.00 scarce Carson Irish Politician
Collapse of Conference, Vanity Fair Special Supplement Cartoon, Dec 10th 1913 by Mouse, £65.00 Collapse of the Conference 1913
Jan Kubelik (Violinist), Kubelik, Vanity Fair by Spy May 7th 1903, £45.00 Kubelik
Joseph Joachim (Violinist), The last of the classic school, Vanity Fair by Spy Jan 7th 1905, £38.00 Joachim
Senor Pablo Martin Meliton Saraste, Saraste, Vanity Fair by Ape May 25th 1889, £40.00 Saraste
Mr. Henry Wood (Conductor), Queen's Hall, Vanity Fair by Spy April 17th 1907, £45.00 Henry Wood Conductor
Mark Hambourg (Musician), Impromptu, Vanity Fair by Spy April 29th 1908, £38.00 Mark Hambourg
M. Lou Tellegen (Actor), Dorian Gray, Vanity Fair by OWL Sept 10th 1913, £85.00 Dorian Gray
Inigo Jones and Colen Campbell - The Palace of Whitehall London Copperplate line engraving, 271 x 1140mm each - £2400.00 (set of 3 framed) Inigo Jone - Palace of Whitehall antique print
Cricketers by Charles J. Basebe, Alfred Mynn, Charles George Taylor, George Leopold Landon, Roger Kynaston Jun., aquatint dated 1841, 430 x 325mm. Very scarce. £765.00 Cricketers Basebe
Mr.H. Mallaby-Deeley, SPY, April 7th 1909, The Prince of Princes, £145.00 Malaby Deely

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